Most businesses have mixed emotions when it comes to social media marketing. No matter how large or small a role it plays in your organization’s marketing mix, one thing is certain: Social media has revolutionized the way brands and customers interact online. More than ever, customer relationship management is a two way street, and it is lead by brands that create a permission-based experience driven by sharable marketing content.

Get the most out of your website content, ongoing promotions, and social media followings with Accelerank Social Media Optimization (SMO). Our SMO services make it easy for current and potential customers to share your brand’s engaging marketing materials on across the Web and social media. Our forward-thinking approach to SMO is executed within a responsive Web design framework, ensuring accessibility across all devices to capitalize on every opportunity to spread buzz, promote word-of-mouth, and enhance the reach and impact of promotions online.

What is SMO?

Social media optimization is about visibility & accessibility.
Social Media Optimization is the process by which content is made more visible, accessible, and shareable among specific target audiences. This is achieved through a variety of on-site and off-site initiatives, each designed to verify your brand identity while making it easier for your marketing materials to be shared online. From in-store flyers to customer testimonials and promotional videos, virtually any piece of branded content can be optimized for enhanced reach and effectiveness online.

Benefits of Accelerank SMO

  • Increases reach and impact of sales, specials, and other promotional messages.
  • Empowers website visitors to share your company’s most important media directly to friends and family on social media, like product images, reviews, demo videos, instructions, directions, maps, and more.
  • Enhances SEO and organic rankings with positive social signals to search engines
  • Builds transparency, brand authority, and consumer confidence.
  • Develops social media profiles into properties that can host, spread, and track promotions.
Social Media Optimization

Website SMO

A social website is a better website.
Social Media Strategy
Accelerank SMO services begin with an assessment of your current website, print marketing collateral, and online marketing tools. Our team then cross-references these materials with campaign keyword research and SWOT Analysis to find new opportunities to develop engaging online marketing tools. Blogs, promotional videos, Infographics, and other media are then designed, published on-site, and optimized for social media sharing.

Our most popular on-site Social Media Optimization services include:

Website Verification. Improve consumer confidence with a Google-verified website and local listing on Google Plus, Local, and Maps.

‘Follow Us’ Buttons. Give website visitors the ability to conveniently Like, Follow, or Circle your brand on social media, without ever leaving your domain.

Site-to-Social Sharing. Embed important website images, text, and video with social sharing buttons that enable quick social media shares while on-site. Our most popular integrations include Share this (Facebook), Tweet this (Twitter), and Pin it (Pinterest).

Off-site SMO

Branding & optimizing social network profiles.
Off-site SMO entails a broad application of optimization best practices and custom social media development to improve reach, impact, and results. Our team begins by verifying important business listings and social profiles to foster confidence with your target audience. Custom social media development services are also available to transform your most popular social profiles into portals that can host, spread, and track dynamic promotions.

Each initiative is planned and executed with digital and traditional marketing channels in mind, giving clients with a real world presence the opportunity to enhance the reach of specific social content and competitions with print marketing collateral and mobile-friendly pages.

  • Branded profile verification on Google Plus, Google Local, and Facebook.
  • Enhanced search visibility for social media profiles, utilizing SEO best practices.
  • Custom Facebook development to enable specific promotions, Fan competitions, and more.
  • Google Plus company page verification, optimization, & synchronization with YouTube and Maps.
  • Marketing collateral that connects in-store/on-site visitors with brands on social media
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Social media is a user-driven experience that thrives only when individuals actively share their life experiences online. As social media usage continues to grow, so too will the opportunity for brands to play an active and positive role in the online narratives of their target audience.

Get the most out of your website content, ongoing promotions, and social media followings with Accelerank Social Media Optimization (SMO). Our SMO and custom social media development services make it easy for current and prospective customers to share your content with friends and family, extending reach, impact, and results.