Returns fall short when websites fail to convert visitors into new business. In 2013, the average conversion rate for websites was approximately 3-10% (source: On the low end are E-commerce websites, averaging about 3% due primarily to fierce competition and relatively low barrier to entry. On the higher end are websites for professional and financial services, averaging about 10% conversion rate.

Accelerank Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) services aim to maximize the value of the remaining 90-97% of non-converting traffic. Our CRO services methodology uses proven fundamentals to develop, test, and analyze unique page layouts and website funnels to maximize conversion rate and overall campaign returns. All pages are tracked and benchmarked for performance against original versions, providing quantifiable data on specific changes to design and usability that ultimately enhance user experience, increase conversion rate, and maximize revenue potential.

What is CRO?

Conversion rate optimization increases visitor value.
Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is an on-site process that aims to increase the percentage of website visitors that convert into a new sale or new lead. When tactfully deployed and managed, CRO services can quickly build website revenue by improving primary conversions like sales and lead submissions.

Benefits of Accelerank Conversion Rate Optimization Services:

  • Generate more sales leads
  • Increase website revenue potential
  • Decrease the cost per sale of goods and services
  • Increase average order value of online store
  • Increase profitability of pay-per-click ad campaigns
  • Increase retention of social media referrals
  • Capture lead information from non-buyers for future outreach
  • Build targeted email lists

At Accelerank, CRO insights are derived through customized analytics software that continuously collects data throughout the testing process. Our agency uses this data along with a proven methodology and comprehensive set of services to continually improve conversion rate throughout the lifespan of each campaign.

Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO Methodology

An in-depth look at our strategy.
Conversion Analysis
Our agency takes a scientific approach to conversion rate optimization that confirms intuition with quantifiable visitor data and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Observation. CRO begins with asking questions about site usability, user experience, brand image, and value proposition. Using all available data, we seek to understand current conversion rate while brainstorming ideas for improvement.

Hypothesis. Landing page optimization is completed for all major website pages, developing several unique versions of each that will be performance tested against one another.

Testing. All pages are tested for performance against one another, using the original page as the control from which progress is measured. A/B Split Testing and/or Multi-Variant Testing are available, depending on needs.

Analysis. Analytics data from each new page is collected and compared to the original page (control) using key performance indicators (KPIs).

Following final analysis, our team implements changes that prove to have a positive impact on conversion rate. Process is repeated as needed to continually improve user experience, conversion rate, and revenue potential.

CRO Services

From landing page optimization to testing, we cover it all.
Landing Page Optimization. Using insights derived from keyword research and industry analysis, our team collaborates with clients to redesign and develop new pages with elements that more effectively convert visitors into leads and customers. Focal points include: Sales copy, graphics, site design, page layout, & other aesthetic elements.

A/B Split Testing. One of two major testing modalities, A/B Split Testing is used when an existing page is redesigned, developed and optimized into 1 new version. A specific testing period is set, goals are identified, and KPIs are used to compare page performance. Both pages are launched, all traffic is routed equally to each page version, and analytics data is collected to determine which page has the best impact on specific conversion goals.

Multivariate Testing. An advanced testing modality, Multivariate Testing is used to simultaneously test multiple elements of a single page against one another. With Multivariate Testing, brands can measure the impact of specific changes to visual elements like images, sales copy, color schemes, and more. Whereas A/B Testing compares 2 versions of the same page, Multivariate Testing gathers analytics on specific page elements as they are rotated for each visitor.

CRO Services
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Accelerank conversion rate optimization (CRO) services take a holistic approach that analyzes each vital step of the conversion process, beginning off-site and ending at final check-out or form submission. With all marketing and development services managed under one roof, our clients receive unparalleled CRO insights and management to maximize the value of website traffic from organic search, social media, email outreach, and paid advertising campaigns.

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