When social media talks, people listen. Forward-thinking businesses understand that the new social landscape occurs both online and in the real world, giving rise to exciting cross-channel marketing opportunities that connect businesses with customers in genuine, transparent, and mutually beneficial ways.

From E-commerce brands to local business professionals and merchants, Accelerank teams with clients to launch Social Media Marketing (SMM) campaigns that create exposure, connections, and long-term brand equity online.

Forming a Social Strategy

Finding your audience, and building your digital footprint.

Effective social media campaigns begin with a big picture understanding of where your most influential market segments gather to network, socialize, and share experiences online. Our agency specializes in finding these virtual spaces so clients can build genuine and mutually beneficial relationships that improve customer experience, increase brand exposure, and build a positive reputation online.

Every social media strategy is unique. Core objectives include:

Network Identification. Discover how, when, and where your target audience spends their time on social media.

Profile Development. Claim, build, and optimize brand profiles on each of the web’s most popular social media communities, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, and more.

Media Strategy. Turning to the social media component of each campaign’s Competition Analysis, we devise a strategy to nurture social media relations with engaging and cost-effective media, promotions, and sales.

Social Media Strategy

Making the Right Connections

Effective engagement strategies that build social equity.
Social Media Marketing Campaigns
Exceptional social media campaigns do more than rally users around entertaining status updates and memes. Brands must inspire users within the social landscape to generating buzz, virtual word of mouth, and social brand equity. Our team helps clients achieve these goals with a comprehensive SMM campaign driven by engagement, Earned Media, and paid placements.

Engagement. Social networks thrive on shared experiences. By sharing helpful, entertaining, or compelling content with a target niche, brands are able to develop relationships that build awareness for new products, services, sales, and promotions.

Earned Media. 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations [i], illustrating the power of earning Likes, Retweets, and other user endorsements. Termed Earned Media, this new approach to digital word-of-mouth marketing can quickly drive sales and build long-term brand loyalty.

Paid Placements. Sometimes promotions, awareness campaigns, and news need an immediate boost. Social Paid Placements are the perfect solution, allowing brands to target users by age, location, known associations, social media activity, and more.

Social Media Consultation

We lead. You follow. Everyone wins.
Exceptional social media campaigns are led by brands that understand how to interact directly with consumers online. Our social media consultation services provide clients with the knowledge and technical skills needed to bridge the gap between the office and the social sphere. Services include:

Social Media Audits. Evaluate and improve current profiles while expanding reach across new networks and audiences.

Social Dashboard Setup. Manage major social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, and Google Plus from 1 convenient place.

Reputation Management. Monitor and respond to brand mentions, product reviews, customer feedback, and trending topics.

Competition Analysis. Identify your primary competitors, unravel their growth strategies, and learn from their promotional offerings.

Exclusive Content. Learn to attract new customers with content that attracts, informs, and sells.

In-store Marketing Collateral. QR codes and promotional materials that connect real world customers with your business on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and more.

[i] https://www.vocus.com/blog/essential-stats-social-media-marketing/

Social Media Consultation
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Accelerank Social Media Marketing (SMM) services help clients find intelligent and entertaining ways to nurture genuine relationships with customers on the Web’s most popular social networking websites. Using proven methods of engagement and social intel, our team leverages social networks to generate buzz, Earned Media, customer loyalty, and real brand equity. SMM consultation is available, allowing brands to play an active role in the launch and maturation of their social media campaign.

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