Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is more than implementing keywords and clean coding to outrank competitors in search. Ranking algorithms are in a state of continual evolution. Success hinges on the ability of an agency to research, build, analyze, and optimize campaigns from backend to frontend, and across the Web’s many digital channels.

Accelerank SEO services are a full-scale approach to improving search visibility for your most valuable online assets. White Hat and data-driven, our agency continuously monitors and improves organic rankings with an industry leading methodology that focuses on strategically improving critical on- and off-site ranking factors. We utilize the latest research and technologies to deliver a level of service that exceeds expectations, and we maintain a high degree of transparency and accessibility that invites unparalleled agency-client collaboration.

SEO Strategy

Developing a plan to improve rankings & traffic.
Proactive research, analysis, and strategy are the fundamental building blocks of a successful search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. Our team helps clients develop an actionable plan for enhanced visibility in search engines, beginning with a comprehensive SWOT Analysis that sets the stage for customized service offerings.

SWOT Analysis. Better rankings and more traffic begins with a full assessment of your business’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. SWOT services include:

  • Website Analysis: Provides a snapshot of critical on-site elements to identify internal Strengths and Weaknesses.
  • Keyword Research: Identifies keyword Opportunities based on the search queries prospects use to find your goods and services.
  • Competition Analysis: Identifies the major threats that need to be outranked in search engines to capture market share, increase website traffic, and drive online revenue.

Custom SEO Services. Next, our team identifies the different search engine results pages (SERPs) that will play a vital role in building exposure, traffic, and sales for your campaign. Following this assessment, our team develops a strategy to drive targeted website traffic through enhanced exposure within organic search results, local maps (Local SEO), business directories, and other local business online communities.

Google Analytics Traffic

Website SEO

Optimizing website code, architecture, & content.
Website SEO
Research and strategy in hand, our team begins optimizing your website for maximum visibility within search engines. After assigning a core group of keywords to each major page, our team implements ongoing website optimization to continually improve the following on-site factors:

HTML. Whether building from scratch or optimizing a current site, our team reviews all website code to ensure it is:

  • Search-optimized and easily understood by search engines.
  • Compliant with World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards.
  • Optimized according to keyword research and SEO strategy.

Architecture. Technical website structure is evaluated and optimized to accomplish the following goals:

  • Improve crawl rate
  • Increase site speed
  • Optimize URL structure
  • Conform with all current search engine best practices

Content. Optimization focuses on improving the following elements to create a website that both search engines and end-users will love:

  • Search optimized web copy
  • Unique and engaging content

Off-Site SEO

Improving off-site ranking factors with links, social buzz, & more.
Search engine rankings are largely determined by off-site variables. In addition to conducting ongoing website optimization, Accelerank SEO services focus on building the following:

Referrals. For optimal results, our team uses 5 quality standards to prioritize the acquisition all new links: Quality, Quantity, Relevancy, Velocity, and Diversity.

Trust. Through White Hat link building strategies and authentic social engagement, our team improves the perceived trust of website pages with:

  • High quality backlink sources
  • Social shares from influential users
  • Premium Service: AuthorRank for added author exposure and branding

Social Influence. Generating positive social signals from communities like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus is vital. Our team leverages Content Marketing strategies to ensure core website pages receive Shares, Likes, and other social endorsements that ultimately improve organic rankings.

Search Engine Rankings
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Accelerank Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services are a White Hat and data-driven approach to maximizing online visibility, website traffic, and conversions. From local business professionals to national E-commerce brands, clients trust our agency and methodology to deliver a scalable and dependable return on investment (ROI).

We believe maximum ROI is the key to a long and prosperous business relationship. Our team takes a 3-pronged approach to ensure each marketing dollar yields the greatest possible return.

Key performance Indicators (KPIs) are specified to evaluate the performance of specific online and offline marketing channels.

Custom Website Analytics platforms are used to collect vital information on visitors, site usage, and marketing channel effectiveness.

Monthly Campaign Reports organize all analytics data and KPIs into a single piece of coherent analysis. Includes a Rankings Report to illustrate the growth of organic rankings over time.

With this information, our team works closely with clients to identify areas where marketing investment can be strategically reduced or increased to maximize return on investment.

Learn more about SEO. Request a proposal from our team to see how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can increase the visibility and revenue potential of your presence online.