Lead Generation Campaigns

Lead generation is a simple science. Success requires intelligent exposure— the kind that delivers a steady stream of qualified new leads. Targeted campaigns keep costs low, and low-cost lead acquisition sets the stage for long-term profitability and growth.

Accelerank Lead Generation campaigns are a scalable strategy for brands and business professionals that want to maximize lead capture and conversion online. At the core of each campaign is a dynamic strategy for creating tight conversion funnels that attract, nurture, and close prospective leads across the Web’s most popular marketing channels, including search, social media, and email. Custom Analytics and analysis come standard, enabling our team to maximize the reach, impact, conversion rate, and profitability of each lead generation campaign.

Research and Target

Identify and evaluate new opportunities for leads online.
Successful Lead Generation campaigns begin with research to uncover new and creative ways to target prospective leads online. Our research phase evaluates your website, competitors, potential affiliates, and popular search queries to find cost effective ways to capture new leads.

Website Analysis includes a front-to-back assessment of all vital website pages to ensure maximum search visibility and lead-conversion capabilities.

Keyword Research evaluates potential search queries by volume, competition, seasonality, and cost to identify opportunities to attract new leads with Exclusive Content, promotions, and other opt-in marketing collateral.

Competition Analysis identifies the businesses, offers, and campaigns that pose the biggest threat to your company’s acquisition of new leads.

Private Affiliates are evaluated to identify additional channels for distributing news, special offers, and product samples on a cost-per-action (CPA) basis.

Lead Generation Research

Engage and Measure

Capture new lead information with permission-based marketing.
Search Engine Rankings
Using creative applications of search, social, and email marketing, our team helps clients develop exclusive content that engages, nurtures, and converts potential leads.

Opt-in Marketing Content. Capture targeted lead information with permissive marketing materials like Ebooks, Infographics, Whitepapers, Newsletters, and more.

Cost Effective Content Marketing. Deliver opt-in marketing content to prospective leads using the most popular and cost-effective digital channels on the Web:

  • Email
  • Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!
  • Paid search, display, and content networks
  • Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus

Analytics Integration. Measure the effectiveness of different content, marketing channels, and conversion funnels with Website Analytics platforms.

Optimize and Grow

Calibrate your marketing campaign for optimal results.
Real growth requires a tactful combination of cost reduction and reallocation. Our team uses the following campaign management and growth strategies to calibrate your campaign and maximize returns.

Website Optimization ensures your new digital strategy has maximum visibility, reach, and effectiveness across search, social, and email channels.

Conversion Rate Optimization tightens conversion funnels, beginning off-site and extending through lead form submission and capture.

Data Analysis. Using website traffic and usage data, our team evaluates the effectiveness of each on- and off-line marketing channel using established KPIs. All information is organized into a coherent and insightful Campaign Report to analyze channel effectiveness by metrics like traffic, lead flow, conversion rate, and cost per conversion.

Consultancy. Draw expert insights from campaign data, and develop an actionable plan to grow. Our team collaborates with clients to interpret data, evaluate marketing channels, and reinvest marketing dollars to drive cost effective lead acquisition.

Campaign Management
Internet Marketing Campaigns Learn more about our other full-service, white glove marketing packages.

E-Commerce Marketing

Launch Campaign

Connect with new customers and grow your storefront.

Lead Generation

Launch Campaign

Increase web traffic and generate high quality leads.

Local Marketing

Launch Campaign

Maximize regional exposure with advanced geo-targeting.

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Accelerank Lead Generation campaigns are a turnkey solution designed with simplicity and effectiveness in mind. Our team actively collaborates with clients to research and target prospective leads across search engines and social media, leveraging additional tools like retargeting, email, and campaign analytics to maximize the impact of every dollar invested. With all services managed seamlessly under one roof, our clients enjoy a simple, fluid, and effective marketing solution that drives measurable results.

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