Cost-effective and data-driven, Accelerank Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns generate an additional revenue stream that is agile, adaptable, and highly profitable. Whereas organic search rankings and traffic are earned over time, PPC campaigns drive targeted traffic to your website in under 24 hours.

At Accelerank, we work under our clients’ directive to launch campaigns that maximize return on paid search marketing investment. We work closely with clients to identify profitable advertising opportunities within search engines, social media, and major content networks. Our team utilizes the latest research technologies and methodology to collect vital data on user location, motivation, and behavior. Upon launch, our team of PPC specialists works daily to maximize ad exposure, click volume, conversions, and returns.


Locate new opportunities for revenue growth.
Every PPC campaign begins with a thorough analysis of search data to better understand the keywords that prospects use to find clients’ products and services.

Keyword Research entails full examination of search trends, monthly volume, competitive rivalry, and cost-per-click (CPC) for each keyword opportunity. Target users by demographics, psychographics, motivation, and geographic location to ensure only the most profitable blend of queries are targeted with paid ads.

SWOT Analysis provides an overview of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats clients face in paid search. Intel is then leveraged to strategically outmaneuver competitors, capture immediate market share, and generate long term returns.

Monthly goals are set to measure progress and increase returns.

KPIs are tracked and analyzed to get the most out of PPC ads, remarketing campaigns, and social paid placements.

Search Research

Traffic Acquisition

Capture visits via search, affiliates and content networks.
Traffic Acquisition
After building a firm foundation for growth, we launch targeted paid search campaigns to capture prospects on search engines, content networks, and popular social media websites.

Pay-per-click (PPC). Display media-rich advertisements to an active audience that is searching for specific products and services.

Remarketing. Lead customers along the path to purchase, even after they’ve left your website. Remarketing campaigns deliver rich media ads to customers as they continue to surf the web, drawing them back with engaging promotions at pre-set time intervals.

Social Media Paid Placements. Connect with customers on social media via paid placements, and nurture them until they are ready to convert. Leverage virtual connections and perceived trust to target users with personalized ads based on demographics, interests, daily activities, locations, and much more.

Active Campaign Management

We continuously measure, test, and optimize campaigns.
Campaign management is vital in getting the most out of every advertising dollar. Ongoing analysis and optimization come standard, including:

Keyword Management. We invest in a diverse collection of high-cost and low-cost keyword phrases, maintaining a balance designed to maximize the exposure and impact of any budget.

Bid Optimization. Never pay more for less. Our team strategically manages the cost of each keyword to maximize ad exposure, click volume, and conversions.

Ad Testing. Request ad testing services to receive unparalleled insight on user engagement and behavior. A/B split test ads to assess the impact of text, media, ad positioning, delivery methods, and more.

Psychographic Testing. Test multiple conversion funnels to understand how audience motivation and search intent can be leveraged to maximize returns year-round.

Campaign Reports. Organized and insightful, our monthly PPC Campaign Reports equip clients with the verifiable data needed to make intelligent re-investments in paid search.

Paid Search Engine Rankings
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E-Commerce Marketing

Launch Campaign

Connect with new customers and grow your storefront.

Lead Generation

Launch Campaign

Increase web traffic and generate high quality leads.

Local Marketing

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Maximize regional exposure with advanced geo-targeting.

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Accelerank Pay-Per-Click (PPC) services maximize return on investment through intelligent and data-driven campaigns that target new customers and leads in an engaging and cost-effective way. We work under our clients’ directive to seize profitable advertising opportunities, collect valuable user data, and maximize the impact of any paid search marketing budget. From Google Adwords to Facebook Ads and retargeting campaigns, clients rely on our team and Methodology to target, capture, and convert new customers in search and across the social Web.

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