Accelerank Affiliate Marketing services take the risk and guesswork out of performance-based marketing online, giving clients the freedom and flexibility to run dynamic and engaging campaigns with ease. From assembling offers to developing creative materials and sourcing traffic, our agency stands as a single point of contact through which all affiliate operations and relations are managed.

Assembling the Offer

We apply a methodical approach to the affiliate realm.
Our client-focused approach begins with a consultation to learn more about your brand, products, and services. Following initial consult, we collaborate to tackle 3 important objectives:

Niche Identification. We believe success lies in the ability to locate a market niche and serve it with unparalleled value. Each affiliate campaign begins with a SWOT Analysis to identify profitable niches within the larger marketplace.

Offer Creation. Affiliate offers must be tailored to suit both affiliates and end-users, presenting a unique challenge to brands. Our team specializes in extracting data from SWOT Analysis to create offers that are both marketable and profitable.

Offer Differentiation. Affiliate campaigns are driven by a cost-per-action compensation model, giving our clients the ability to launch several offers simultaneously. Our team helps clients develop a diverse line of offers tailored to meet the needs of specific niches within the broader marketplace.

Affiliate Marketing Research

Creative Development

We design beautiful ads with compelling content.
Creative Development
Affiliate campaigns thrive on compelling content. From Web page templates to sales copy and graphics, our Creative department develops each sales tool needed to quickly attract affiliates, networks, and traffic.

Graphic Design. Engaging landing pages that showcase offers with eye-catching aesthetics, copy, graphics, and more. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) services available to split-test page variations and optimize over time.

Web Development. Customized webpage templates that are search and user friendly. Responsive design and development available for mobile- and tablet-friendly campaigns.

Sales Copy. Drive conversions with sales copy that organizes facts, statistics, endorsements, and value propositions in a coherent and compelling way.

Advertisements. Text, image, and video ads created in-house to ensure control of brand image and value proposition when advertising across affiliate and 3rd party networks.

Sourcing Traffic

We strategically network with profitable affiliates.
Following Creative Development, our team delivers offers and marketing materials to the communities, affiliates, and agencies most capable of engaging with real prospects in your target niche.

Niche Communities. Advertise with your niche’s most heavily trafficked online communities, paying on a cost-per-action basis.

Independent Affiliates. Locate and network with independent affiliates within your target niche, and take advantage of pre-established search campaigns, social earned media, and email.

Affiliate Agencies. Apply for inclusion with the biggest players in the space, and earn distribution among vast networks of independent affiliates and niche communities.

Traffic Acquisition
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E-Commerce Marketing

Launch Campaign

Connect with new customers and grow your storefront.

Lead Generation

Launch Campaign

Increase web traffic and generate high quality leads.

Local Marketing

Launch Campaign

Maximize regional exposure with advanced geo-targeting.

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Affiliate Marketing services give brands the ability to sell on a performance basis, making it an attractive online sales strategy for many merchants. Accelerank Affiliate Marketing services take the guesswork out of performance-based sales. Our research-driven approach helps clients assemble highly competitive offers, develop creative marketing collateral, source profitable traffic, and manage the program to drive scalable returns.

Analytics, Optimization, & Management
We believe ongoing campaign management is the key to delivering scalable returns. With so many moving parts, affiliate marketing campaigns require attentive Analytics, KPI assessment, and network management to maximize advertising impact.

Campaign Analytics. Using custom Analytics, our team measures performance of both affiliate traffic sources and individual client offers.

KPI Analysis. Using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), our team quantifies campaign performance to identify opportunities for improving/ differentiating offers and investment in affiliates, agencies, and networks.

Network Management.  From replacing under-performers to scouting new players, our ongoing affiliate network management ensures our clients’ offers continue to engage new prospects and earn new revenue.

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