Email marketing is a permissive experience in which end-users proactively request to keep in touch with local businesses, online stores, and brands. As a permission-based marketing tool, email campaigns have a uniquely personal element that yields high levels of user engagement, trust, and conversion.

Accelerank Email Marketing Campaigns maximize the profit potential of email by spreading awareness for clients’ products and services in a way that continually drives subscribers toward specific conversion goals. As a piece of a much larger online marketing campaign, our email services maximize clients’ revenue potential by retaining customers, nurturing leads, and building customer loyalty.

Acquire and Segment

Discover new prospects through various channels.
Grow the reach of your Email Marketing campaign by combining current lists with targeted new prospects. Our team specializes in acquiring new leads using the following tactics:

On-site Lead Gen. Maximize the value of your website traffic with strategically placed forms that capture and store important visitor information.

Exclusive Content. Collect additional leads through search and social media by offering opt-in access to exclusive white papers, newsletters, sales alerts, and more.

Promotions. Launch sales and promotional offers to collect subscriber information from warm, interested leads on social media.

Traffic Acquisition

Design and Monetize

Create, engage, nurture, and convert.
Email Design
Monetize your email list with beautifully designed messages that deliver engaging promotions and conversion triggers.

Designs That Sell. From subject line to sales copy and design aesthetics, our team develops every email message with maximum conversion in mind.

Engage Newcomers. Cultivate a genuine relationship from the start. Open the door to future sales with engaging messages that build a trusting relationship between recipient and brand.

Nurture Non-Buyers. Nurture non-buyers with exclusive content that drives engagement, awareness, and sales cycle velocity.

Convert Customers. Convert idle shoppers to closed business. Schedule automated Cart Abandonment alerts and other purchase triggers to keep sales climbing.

Analyze and Optimize

We continually measure results and find ways to improve.
Maximize the impact of your Email Marketing campaign with advanced Analytics and optimization strategies.

Email Analytics. Track Opening Rate, Click-through Rate, Unsubscribes, and more. Test alternative designs, measure performance, and zero-in on the tactics that your audience likes best.

Website Analytics. Follow email recipients as they enter your site and conversion funnel, using key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure traffic is driven to the right places.

Campaign Optimization. By isolating and evaluating email as a single piece of the online marketing mix, our team develops creative ways to maximize the impact of each email blast.

Email Optimization
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E-Commerce Marketing

Launch Campaign

Connect with new customers and grow your storefront.

Lead Generation

Launch Campaign

Increase web traffic and generate high quality leads.

Local Marketing

Launch Campaign

Maximize regional exposure with advanced geo-targeting.

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Accelerank Email Marketing services are designed to maximize the revenue potential of your online presence. A permissive experience, email is a highly personalized marketing channel with the potential for exceptional levels of user engagement, trust, and conversion. From acquiring new subscribers to designing, developing, and launching engagement campaigns, our services deliver reliable and scalable revenue by nurturing subscribers in a way that continually closes new business.

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